While many drivers are on a budget, you may still need a used car. Buying any car, new or used, can be a great investment, and you might not think one is in your price range at the moment. Here at Sterling Hyundai, we think you will find a reliable pre-owned car that can be a budget-friendly choice when you structure your deal online. When you find a used car that you like, you can take all the right steps towards securing financing and making sure your payments remain within your monthly budget. Consider financing a used car with us at Sterling Hyundai, located on Johnston St in Lafayette, LA.

Why Financing?

While all used cars come priced affordably, financing through an auto loan ensures that you do not end up paying thousands of dollars out of pocket. Even one of our bargain used cars could still cost a few thousand dollars when purchased wholesale, so an auto loan helps streamline the total cost of ownership into monthly installments. You can customize these payments online to fit your budget. Financing can also prove beneficial to customers with past debt issues, allowing you to build equity to strengthen your credit profile when your loan payments get met on time.

To get started, find the used car you want from our inventory and then click "Customize Your Payment Options." The payment calculator lets you create your ideal payment plan, considering how much you can afford to put down, your desired APR, and how long you would like to spend paying off the loan.

Take the Next Steps Towards Financing

While you shop online, you can secure financing with one of our many reputable local lenders by selecting "Get Pre-Approved." Our finance application keeps all your data secure and ensures you get approved for financing entirely from home. We also have a free trade-in tool to see how much your old car can save you when trading in.

Start Your Deal Today

We invite you to consider financing when setting a budget for your next used car. An auto loan can save you thousands in short-term costs and helps you pay off the used car you need as you go. Start the financing process online today and visit Sharp Honda for a test drive. You will find us conveniently located here in Lafayette, LA. We look forward to working with you!

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